About Albie The Artist

I believe the goals to life is freedom and happiness. Freedom, to me, is doing the things that bring joy.

What brings me joy is celebrating life through art 🎨, developing champs in & out of the boxing ring 🥊 and riding motorcycles! 🏍

Albie The Artist and Harleyquin HRCGB

Massive fist bumps and ❤️ to all who spread kind words about my work, it is because of you, I get to do the things that I love every day…for a living!⚡️

Tupac Shakur

My art has been featured in magazines such as Back Street Heroes, I have a chapter in the book Asphalt & Dirt, and my art is proudly displayed in homes around the world.

If you would like to learn more, please read through my FAQs. 

Stay cool,