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Albie’s Gallery

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You have a skill that brings so much happiness to people.

John Williams, England, UK

The techniques Albie used with the gold leaf and embellishments has created a picture that continually changes depending on the light.

Matt Kane, England, UK

Albie is a great Artist and loves motorcycles. He is easy to contact and work with.

If you love biker art, you should give this guy a try!

Andy Holder, South Carolina, USA

Your art is truly inspiring and I'm so happy to have found you.

Kirsti Fong, California, USA

Absolutely fantastic art Albie. Your detail is amazing.

Jeffrey Walker, England, UK

He’s been touted as the modern-day David Mann.

Back Street Heroes, magazine

The Biker World’s Artist-in-Residence

Motorcycle Magazine

Check this out folks - pretty damn cool painting of a very cool bike. Well done Albie!

Russell Mitchell, Exile Cycles, motorcycle builder, USA

Totally awesome Albie. You rock the art world.

Tom Frederick, Minnesota, USA

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