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Royal Enfield Meteor 350, by Albie The Artist
Royal Enfield Meteor 350 painting, by Albie The Artist

Meteor 350

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I was in London visiting dad, but wanted to get home to Horsham, which meant riding 40 miles on the Royal Enfield Meteor 350.

Thing is, I had already rode 160 miles without filling up. Because of the damned fuel fiasco that’s happening in the UK, meant there are crazy queues at stations or no petrol at all.

I waited til 11pm before I set off to avoid any sort of traffic. The plan was to ride as far as I could, and get Holly to rescue me should I get stranded. I was crapping myself at first, but my mind calmed as I repeated to myself “I’m a little closer to home”.

The scariest part was going up hills in the countryside and felt a mad loss of power from the engine. Some roads there are no lights or even paths, so getting stuck there would’ve been mad scary.

However, a little past midnight, the Meteor and I got home. Holly had a tea ready for me as I walked in. Winning! 🏆💛🏆


The size of this original is 40 x 50 cm or 16 x 20 in

Intricately and intimately crafted with paint, metallic leafing, markers and other materials. Finished in a frame.