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I Quit My Job

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I wasn’t going to share this publicly, but whenever I speak to anyone, and they ask “What’s new, Albie?”, I reply...


For the last 8 years, I have trained a family in the art of boxing. The boxers won 11 championships between them with 50 something wins, and only 2 losses. What is most important, is that they grew up to be champions out of the ring as well as inside.

All was going cool, then lockdown happened. Lockdown was a scary situation for me as I couldn’t teach boxing with the social rules in place.

While stuck in the house, I dived deep into the art and produced like a maniac. I refined my skills, and created day and night. I’d upload my new pieces to Facebook and Instagram and as the weeks went on, people were buying from the website, more so than I’ve ever experienced in my life. I’ve sent artworks all over the UK, America, Asia, Europe and Australia!

With how busy I was getting, I had to adapt the way I work. I created innovative ways to make sure I go above and beyond what customers expect, Holly and I transformed the garage into a studio, I created systems to keep up with orders so I wouldn’t get confused, made deals with various companies for all my art supplies because of the sheer bulk I was buying from them. Lastly, in order for me to keep producing art consistently, I had to quit my beloved boxing.

And now, I am a FULL TIME ARTIST! So exciting to say that...

Thanks to everyone who has kindly purchased from me, which in turn allows me to continue to serve you guys. Much respect to those who put a red heart or thumbs up whenever I post, and all the warm comments and messages. I appreciate it all.

I’m determined more than ever to capture life’s moments, so that we all remember how great life is.

Stay cool,