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Coronavirus & New Look Majesty

Woah, been a little minute…but for good reason, I caught Coronavirus! 🤢 Was a rough couple of weeks of suffering - energy zapped, a little hard to breath, crazy headache, non-stop cough and brain fog. I didn’t get the smell and taste loss, which I was actually looking forward to. Oh well.

Thankfully, I’m now fully recovered.

Albie The Artist, Yamaha Majesty 400

The good thing from this experience, was that with the little energy I did have whilst stuck at home, I used to transform my scooter! I repainted the bike (professionally this time) in aqua with holographic glitter added to the lacquer, so that the Majesty sparkles in the sun.

The suspension got a much needed upgrade, and now the ride is super smooth.

Yamaha Majesty 400

The seat is reupholstered in black leather with aqua stitching. I got a grab bar so I can attach Arty’s pet palace to it. Yikes, I purchased 5 sets of handlebars as none of them felt right, but think I got a winner. Also, did a custom job with the speedo, removing all numbers and replacing them with aqua coloured gems up to 70mph, and black gems for the rest.

Yamaha Majesty 400 speedo

Still a couple bits to do, as I want whitewall tyres for that old school vibe and gotta get me my sweeping long double exhausts from Japan.