You can now make offers on my works of art 🎨 Gimme your best, but be kind 🙏🏽

“Can I finish the painting for you?”

“Can I finish the painting for you?”

Last year, Marisa did a painting of Maya Bay, which is one of her fave places to visit in 🇹🇭. She showed me the art, but said it wasn’t yet complete, so I offered to finish it for her.

Maya Bay, by Marisa V

I’ve known Marisa since I was 11 years old, being in the same class together in Holland Park School. Art was my superpower even back then, so Marisa agreed and trusted me to do something cool.

I took the painting over to Sophie’s apartment (a friend from London, who also now lives in Dubai). Sophie loves spending her leisure time doing art, so this was great on many levels.

Albie The Artist x Marisa V, Maya bay

A few hours later, with a poke bowl and nap break in between, it feels like you can jump in the painting and swim to shore.

Marisa V x Albie The Artist

Marisa loves the finished artwork ♥️