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4 Effective Tactics To Add Novelty To Your Day

Albie The Artist, Ferring Beach

Sometimes, daily life can feel monotonous. Routines can grow stale and leaves you wanting something fresh and fun, so that it doesn’t feel like you’re living the same day over and over.

Here are 4 effective tactics I did yesterday to inject some novelty into my life...

  1. Change the scenery.
    I know what I did can be seen as “illegal”, but I packed some art supplies and headed to Ferring Beach, West Sussex, so I could work on an art commission by the seaside. The sounds of the waves crashing, pebbles knocking against each other, and super fresh air got me in the zone. The work I produced at the beach would’ve taken twice as long if I had been at home.
  2. Put away the phone and enjoy the world. 
    This is a game changer, not being on your phone so much. To just be present and aware, kept me in the zone for longer. Supposedly, it takes 20 mins to get back into the swing of things after you check your phone.
  3. Switch up your lunch.
    Nowadays, Holly and I eat healthy, vegetarian food. Holly hates the gristle in meat, and I would rather animals live. However, yesterday our lunch was a Mc.Donald’s. Yikes. I had a Quarter Pounder meal and Holly went for the McNuggets meal. Oh, and apple pies for dessert. Ain’t gonna lie, the Mc.D’s was so good!
  4. Listen to something new.
    When I’m walking my dog Arty, or creating, I’m normally listening to business podcasts or audiobooks, looking for inspiration to use for my own work. However, on the way to the beach and back, we had Kiss FM playing in the car. We bopped our heads to KISSTORY classics, and then attempted to work out the 5-Songs-in-5-Seconds game. Fun times.

Hope this helps... ⚡️☺️⚡️